Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT, NMR®, "Master Bodyworker",has created a unique "pain free" treatment protocol to help relieve the pain from "Plantar fasciitis", heel spurs, and other foot and ankle pains.

There are many factors involved that may cause foot and heel pains, and there are many treatments that can be used to try to resolve the pains of "Plantar fasciitis". After I Googled "Plantar fasciitis", I did not find the type of treatment which I believe is also needed to help resolve foot and ankle pains especially "Plantar fasciitis".
I am here to inform you that it is my unique "pain free" treatment, for rebalancing the skeletal joints and the breaking up of soft tissue adhesions, involving the whole foot, ankle, and lower leg, that makes a huge difference in helping to resolve "Plantar fasciitis", heel spurs, and other foot and ankle pains. And if necessary, I can also help correct any compensation patterns involving the knee, hip, back, and/or neck that may be creating an unbalanced walk (gait) which may be contributing to the foot/ankle pains.

My "pain free" treatment works by rebalancing the foot and ankle joints which helps to decrease the pull on the plantar fascia, between the heel and toes (which may also reduce the pull on a "heel spur"), allowing the plantar fascia to return to a more comfortable length. Also, my method of breaking up of the adhesions, by pressing the soft tissues (ligaments, tendons, muscles, and fascia) into "pain free" directions, that feel correct to the client, gives the treatment a high probability of relieving the pain for a longer time if not permanently.

If you have tried other treatments, and they have not worked to relieve your foot or ankle pain, please contact me through my web-site I will do my best to help relieve your foot pain.
Just think, if I can help resolve your "Plantar fasciitis", or other foot and ankle pains, thereby restoring your confidence to stand and walk comfortably, then an essential part of your quality of life has been improved.

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