Boris Vilner - Pain Relief Therapy
Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT, NMR®
Master Bodyworker CAMTC # 5160
Cell: 415.730.5406
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Boris Vilner Pain Relief Therapy
Specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy to relieve muscle & joint pains caused by injuries and to rebalance the neuromuscular system from head to toe
A Sport's Team Success

"On behalf of the Black Ice Power Team, we would like to thank Boris Vilner for all his hard work, dedication, and success that he has given all our competitive & non-competitive members over the years. Power Lifting is a very demanding sport that exposes the athletes to variety of complications, ranging from muscle & joint strains, compressed discs, muscle imbalances, etc. We are often in some form of soreness, stiffness or pain. When the aches & pains don't fade away, Boris is always willing to spend time with us to solve the issue.

Boris has an outstanding approach in treating the problem. He has a way of using your own body mechanics/movements in correcting the specific issue into a direction of no pain. With constant feedback between the client and Boris, and his unique techniques, you feel relief within minutes. We are all constantly amazed on how he gets right to the issue and brings fast results.

Boris is truly amazing & has helped all of us reach personal, state & national records that we would never have accomplished without him. He has given us longevity in a sport where 5-10 years is the norm. Some of us have been doing it for over 20+. We highly recommend Boris to anyone who is looking for pain relief & overall improvement of health and lifestyle."

Jeffrey M. Stanley
Petaluma, CA

"I've been fortunate to have Boris help me recently with a problem I'm dealing with and it's been a great help knowing how to work with it and try to correct it.
I've had upper right arm and shoulder pain for some time now and it limited my ability to do certain weight training to the point that I stopped training in certain ways, especially for chest and shoulders. I talked to Boris about my problem one weekend morning at the gym, and in just one spontaneous session he was able to figure out the problem and literally worked the pain out of my shoulder and upper arm.
My arm and shoulder felt much better and worked again! I've now been able to begin building my strength back up and am back to training in a way I had thought I might not be able to again.
Boris is not only incredibly knowledgeable and effective, but he is tremendously giving of his time."

Jenny Ryan,
Petaluma, CA

"Boris first helped me with a sprained ankle I had been suffering with, and it was amazing how much better it felt.
So, when my wrist and hand started causing me pain, I knew Boris was the person I wanted to see.
He asks thoughtful questions that help you as the client assist him in correcting the problem.
Thanks Boris!"

Paula B.,
Rohnert Park, CA