Boris Vilner - Pain Relief Therapy
Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT, NMR®
Master Bodyworker CAMTC # 5160
Cell: 415.730.5406
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Boris Vilner Pain Relief Therapy
Specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy to relieve muscle & joint pains caused by injuries and to rebalance the neuromuscular system from head to toe
Sciatica Pain Success

"Boris uses a technique in which he applies pressure in the opposite direction of pain in the region that is problematic.

In all my years of massage therapy, physical therapy and chiropractic care I have not encountered this 'applying pressure in the opposite of pain technique.'

I presented and explained to Boris the several areas of pain and discomfort that have been on going for many years: a right side 'Sciatica' (22 yrs), tmj/jaw (15 yrs), left side shoulder blade (5 yrs), and left side neck and coller bone area (3 yrs).

Once Boris started working on me, I could literally feel the unwinding of: muscle tension, muscle knots, muscle intertwining, ligament binding, and even tangled nerves take place. Not only has his technique alleviated my long standing pain syndrome(s), it does not hurt like traditional therapies do.

After Boris' technique, of going in the opposite direction of pain: my left side shoulder blade area was relieved immediately and a little bit of maintenance keeps it in check; the left side neck and collar bone area was relieved after a couple treatments and a bit of maintenance keeps it in check; the tmj was relieved in a couple of sessions and still remains in check; and my 'Sciatica' has been alleviated by around 60-70%.

We are still working on this long standing issue, but I feel so much more relief. I do not have the chronic dull ache anymore.

Boris is also is a very good communicator. He communicates with you during the session. It feels like one is working concert with Boris to find and alleviate the pain syndromes. He is very educated and knowledgeable regarding body anatomy.

The biggest part here is that Boris does not produce pain during his treatments, and also he gets results very quickly as described above.

I talk about Boris constantly among family and friends. 'You need to go to this guy, he can help you'."

Glenn R. Lundberg, PsyD, MBA, MDiv
Novato, CA