Boris Vilner - Pain Relief Therapy
Boris Vilner, MBW, CMT, NMR®
Master Bodyworker CAMTC # 5160
Cell: 415.730.5406
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Boris Vilner Pain Relief Therapy
Specializes in Neuromusculoskeletal Therapy to relieve muscle & joint pains caused by injuries and to rebalance the neuromuscular system from head to toe
A Family Success

"I was in an auto accident in 2004. I've had hip trouble on and off. Boris was the first practitioner who was truly able to help me. Boris is an exceptional person and gifted practitioner. He synergizes his intimate knowledge of the physical body with his fine tuned intuition, a powerful combination that produces results."

Vlatka Herzberg
Novato, CA

"Having a vocation that requires a lot of heavy lifting on a regular basis, Boris has become an invaluable resource for me to maintain physical alignment. I have gone into his office many times in a great deal of pain. The results and relief of pain are always successful."

Theodore Herzberg
Herzberg Construction
Novato, CA

"I have scoliosis. After my first session with Boris, there was a noticeable straightening of my spine. Other practitioners were not able to help me, some made things worse. Whenever I feel myself go out of alignment, Boris helps me come back into alignment. I highly recommend Boris Vilner for anyone with back troubles."

Natasha Kolida
grade 11
Novato, CA